20 reasons to give a Fork in the Road Gift Card

  1. It is more personal than giving cash.
  2. It makes life a bit easier when shopping for that someone that has everything.
  3. Great for giving to loved ones across the miles.
  4. Mother’s Day.
  5. When the recipient uses the gift card, they will have warm thoughts of you.
  6. Who doesn’t love great food?
  7. Just Because.
  8. Just because you are sorry.
  9. Ladies night out!
  10. Give new parents a reason to take a little break.
  11. Father’s Day.
  12. Gift cards are a nice way to say “Thank you!”
  13. You’re clever and know the gesture will get you more friends on Facebook.
  14. So much tastier than a gas card.
  15. It’s a no-brainer for last-minute shopping.
  16. A much appreciated way to get mom out of cooking.
  17. Holiday gift giving.
  18. Gifts of food are great Birthday treats.
  19. Congratulations for graduates and retirees.
  20. Because you are a really nice person.

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