Image of Fish Tacos

choose one of the following:
spicy baked beans, fries, chippers, coleslaw, or apple slaw. (roasted vegetables .75 extra) or substitute either a side salad or a cup of soup for 1.5 more.  add an egg to any of the following for 1.0.

    grilled salmon, cherry jalapeno jam, arugula, apple slaw 13
  • Fish Tacos
    blackened fish, soft corn or flour tortillas, pico de gallo, napa cabbage, side of sriracha sauce & guacamole 11.5
    house smoked beef brisket, cheddar cheese, jalapeno mayo, sauteed spinach/mushroom/onion, grilled panini bread 12 
  • Grilled Cheese & Ham & Cheese
    panini bread, pulled ham, American cheese, swiss cheese, gruyere béchamel sauce, shredded mozzarella and provolone 12.5
  • Portabella Wrap
    tomato basil tortilla, portabella mushroom, feta, hummus, guacamole, black bean corn relish, lettuce 10.5
    hand breaded chicken, Korean BBQ sauce, Asian coleslaw 11
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap
    double toasted chicken, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, ranch 11
  • Knife & Fork Club
    grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, guacamole, tomato, red onion, apricot mayonnaise 11
  • Pretzel Chicken
    crumbled pretzel breading, dijonnaise sauce 10.5
  • Spinach & Artichoke Chicken
    grilled chicken, spinach and artichoke blend, provolone cheese 11
  • Grilled Chicken
    grilled chicken, greens, tomato 10.5
  • Grilled Reuben
    slow roasted and hand carved corned beef from Wilson Farm Meats in Elkhorn, WI; kraut, swiss, our 1000 island, caraway rye 10.5
  • Steak Sandwich
    topped with onion strings 14
    bourbon bacon jam, sunny side up egg, arugula 12
  • Pepper Burger*
    cracked pepper, provolone, bleu cheese sauce, applewood bacon, onion strings 11.5
  • Fork Cheeseburger*
    aged Wisconsin sharp white cheddar 10.5
  • Rochester Burger*
    two kinds of Wisconsin sharp cheddar, swiss cheese, jalapeños, chipotle sauce 11.5


Get a Grip items can be made with a gluten free bun for 2.0.
sorry, we are not a gluten free operation, but we have many gluten free choices, please feel free to ask us.


*the waukesha county health department requires that we include a disclaimer to inform our guests that serving undercooked products
may be dangerous to your health…but so can driving your car, going for a walk or talking back to your wife. oh, by the way, we will cook it your way.


    Download the Menu [pdf]