Image of Carrot Cake

Seasonal Cocktails   7.5


asti, brandy, 100% pomegrante, o.j., cranberries, fresh fruit

Moscow Mule

tito’s vodka, lime, ginger beer

Ruby Mule

deep eddy ruby red vodka, lime, ginger beer


knob creek bourbon, b&b, cane syrup, lime, fresh mint and thyme


hand muddled with fresh mint and limes, rum, sweet, seltzer



our margarita and raised grain kilted


grand marnier, tequila, orange juice, blue moon

Rocky Balboa

disaronno, brandy, tyranena rocky’s revenge

Ship Wrecked

maker’s mark, bar bitters, Great Lakes Edmond Fitzgerald Porter

In House Sweets

all desserts are made in house

Strawberry Forkcake

house-made shortcake, strawberries, balsamic glaze, basil cane syrup, whipped cream  7

Banana Bourbon Cheesecake

wafer pecan crust, our banana cheesecake, bananas, bourbon foster sauce, whipped cream 7

Fork Chocolate Éclair Torte

layered graham crackers, custard, chocolate icing, whipped cream  6

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