In a Class of their Own!

ICED TEA SANGRIA  – chardonnay, peach schnapps, brewed iced tea, fresh peaches, strawberries and mangos, honey cane syrup  7.5

ENGLISH GARDEN PARTY – hendrick’s gin, st. germain, apple juice, mint, cucumber, lemon  7.5

PINEAPPLE LEMONADE – house infused pineapple vodka, lemonade  7.5

C.B.S.- fresh cucumbers muddled in effen cucumber vodka, blueberry and seltzer  7.5

T’s TINI  watch this one…it will change! – house infused pineapple vodka up or on the rocks  8

WATERMELON MULE- watermelon vodka, lime, ginger beer  7.5

JUST “FORK IT” MARTINI- house infused pineapple vodka, guava nectar, strawberries, jalapenos, limes  8

FIREBALL LEMONADE – fireball whiskey, lemons, mint, lemonade  7.5

JAMESON OLD FASHIONED- jameson, cherries, lemons, oranges, bitters, o.j., cane syrup; muddled together and topped with seltzer & sprite  7.5

SOUL BOXER BRANDY or BOURBON OLD FASHIONED- produced and bottled in Pewaukee, WI, soul boxer is a premium spirit aged with door county cherries, real oranges, bitters, and cane sugar. add sweet or sour.  7.5

BULLEIT RYE OLD FASHIONED-  orange, bar bitters, spiced cane syrup, muddles in bulleit rye, press  7.5

MARGARITA- house recipe. flavored- pomegranate, coconut, raspberry, strawberry, mango  6.5

BLOODY MARY- housemade 8. chaser rhinelander shorty  9