In a Class of their Own!

T’S TINI- SPICE CAKE-watch this “tini”…it will change! – captain morgan, apple juice, cane syrup, cinnamon.  8

JUST “FORK IT”-MAPLE CREAMER- maple syrup, bailey’s, rum, cream. 8

BY THE FIRE- merlot, cointreau, cranberry, cinnamon sticks, cloves, apples, orange peel  7.5

WHITE CHRISTMAS-hot donkey cinnamon tequila, godiva white, cream, cinnamon. 8

CAPTAIN APPLE JACK- captain morgan & hot apple cider.  7

CARAMEL APPLE MULE- apple & caramel vodka, lime, ginger beer.  7.5

CANDIED CHAMPAGNE- peppermint schnapps, champagne, candy cane, chocolate rim. 8

POINSETTIA- chambord & champagne. 8

RUM BUTTERED HOT- myers’s rum, housemade buttered rum mix. 7.5

MUKWONAGO WARM UP- buttershots, amaretto, hot chocolate. 7.5

HOT MINTY KISS- creme de menthe, jameson, creme de cacao, coffee. 7.5

HOT CINNAMINT- hot donkey cinnamon tequila, peppermint liquor, hot chocolate. 7.5

SOUL BOXER BRANDY or BOURBON OLD FASHIONED- produced and bottled in Pewaukee, WI, premium spirits, aged with door county cherries, real oranges, bitters, and cane sugar. add sweet or sour.  7.5

BULLEIT RYE OLD FASHIONED-  orange, bar bitters, spiced cane syrup, muddled in bulleit rye. add sweet or sour.  7.5

MARGARITA- house recipe. flavored- pomegranate, coconut, raspberry, strawberry, mango. 7.5

BLOODY MARY- housemade 8. chaser rhinelander shorty 9