Welcome to the Fork in the Road Restaurant, where neighbors meet new friends.

At the Fork in the Road Restaurant, we provide families and friends with flavorful house made cuisine, a fantastic selection of craft beers, an extensive list of martinis and a warm, unique and inviting place to enjoy it all.

The Fork in the Road strives to consistently deliver an exceptional experience to each guest through high-quality food, beverage, and service in a great atmosphere. The Fork Team, our guests and the Fork experience are priorities.

Please join us today for an exceptional experience for lunch, anytime throughout the afternoon, or dinner! If needed, please check out the Fork hours on the About Us and Hours page.

Again, Thank you!
T. and the entire Fork Team

In the center of every restaurant is the kitchen. We call our kitchen the “Heart of the House”. It is the place that defines the quality and care that flows throughout the restaurant to our guests. As appreciation to the Heart of the House team, $1 for each guest is added to the check, which flows back to them. Thank you for taking care of the people who are taking care of you!