Welcome to the Fork in the Road Restaurant, where neighbors meet new friends.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are very fortunate to have an outstanding group of people assembled for the Fork Team. Every day, the Fork Team strives to deliver an exceptional experience to each guest through high quality food & beverage, high quality service and a great atmosphere to enjoy it. In an effort to take care of the Fork Team and show our sincere appreciation for all their hard work over the past year, the Fork in the Road will temporarily close on Mondays beginning July 12th. The Fork is already closed on Sundays, so an extra day gives everyone on the Fork Team a little more time to spend with family and friends.

For all our Monday “Mac It Your Way” lovers, don’t worry. We appreciate, and are thinking of, you too. Our Mac N’ Cheese feature will move to Tuesdays along with the Prime Rib Sandwich to join the “Mother-Clucker-Pick-It-Upper” feature.

We apologize to all guests inconvenienced by temporarily closing on Mondays, but we hope you understand.

Thank you.

At the Fork in the Road Restaurant, we provide families and friends with flavorful house made cuisine, a fantastic selection of craft beers, an extensive list of martinis and a warm, unique and inviting place to enjoy it all.

We are open as usual, Monday – Saturday (sorry, not Sundays) and look forward to seeing you at the Fork in the Road. Stay safe and healthy!

T and Paul, Co-Owners